Barister Babu 14th February 2020 Written Episode Update; Anirudh Makes A Deal With Binoy


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The Episode begins with Anirudh saying this letter came to me unintentionally, the name got deleted. Smaller than usual says its great, else the young lady’s lucky man would be denied for marriage, thinking the young lady is distraught or selfish to keep conditions. Anirudh says he can think about her like a valiant and free reasoning young lady, this young lady is stunning, you were stating, the young lady needs her desire, she is sufficient to keep the expectation alive. Mom says Bondita ruined everything by sending the letter. Bondita figures its god in the event that they don’t come. She giggles. Mami chastens her. Anirudh says I will take the letter myself, where is the envelope. Small scale asks is that young lady more keen than me, my father tells that I m as well as can be expected, play sports and can contemplate well. He says I realize that you are the best, however this young lady is the best regarding her considering future, she is in front of you.

She asks would you wed her on the off chance that you were her eventual spouse. He says I would have kept a condition, that she ought to request her privileges before the general public, I would have upheld her to end this distinction. Smaller than normal might suspect you loved that young lady, see what I do now. She goes. He figures in what capacity will I convey the location, the young lady ought to get the answer. Maa asks Mami for what reason did she say about share, you said its effectively prepared for Sampoorna. Mom says its prepared, she is frantic, don’t you confide in me, would i be able to do anything amiss with Bondita. Maa says no, you gave us cover, I can’t question you. He says simply implore that Bondita gets shagun from her inlaws. Anirudh returns home and sees Trilochan and Binoy. Binoy apologizes for Anirudh’s benefit. Anirudh stops them for a discussion. Trilochan stops Binoy and says Anirudh has understood his mix-up, pardon him on the off chance that he is sorry.

Anirudh says I realize you are harmed, I ought to apologize, however I won’t apologize, in light of the fact that I didn’t think that its off-base, standing doesn’t make a difference to me. They get stunned.

Anirudh says I need to end the standing segregation, it will be better if rich and poor make a nation, ladies and men coordinate their strides and stroll ahead, I would prefer not to hurt your heart, perhaps I hurt your heart consistently, so in the event that you need, at that point you can make me out of the house. They get stunned. Binoy says fine, its better that you leave, gather your packs Anirudh. Trilochan stresses.

Munshi gets shagun for Sampoorna. Mom says we will keep the baraat well. Munshi asks do you recall what to send with the young lady. Mother says it will be finished. Munshi goes. Maa says Sampoorna’s haldi has originated from her inlaws, for what reason didn’t it originate from Bondita’s inlaws. Binoy says this is called transformation, no change, better leave it, I have booked your tickets, don’t squander it. Anirudh says I will go, yet don’t fill the date, I will go when you state that I have done it, on the off chance that I feel that I can’t do this, at that point I will request that you fill the date, you are correct, my reasoning is unique in relation to other people, let the time conclude who is correct and who isn’t right. Trilochan says truly, Anirudh ought to get one possibility. Binoy says you are stating this to stop Anirudh here, fine I will give him a possibility, the day you lose, at that point I will choose everything, you need to hear me out, doyou concur for this. Anirudh says I concur. Binoy goes.

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Anirudh asks Somnath to compose the letter in English. Somnath asks Batuk to tell spellings. Batuk checks the word reference. Somnath and Batuk don’t discover the words in lexicon. They contend. Anirudh snickers seeing them. Little comes and tells the spelling of gallant. She asks how could you like it. Anirudh says excellent. She says you are idiotic, I was telling about the word, perhaps the young lady isn’t taught like me, I need to look lovely, the man of the hour’s family is coming to see me, possibly they know the value of my qualities, will they like me. Anirudh thinks she is lying and stepping through my exam. He says I can’t release you like this. He says since fellow will like you. She takes a gander at him and leaves.

Anirudh says we will compose the letter once more, in hindi, Mini is truly brilliant. Somnath inquires as to for what reason didn’t you tell Baudi. Anirudh says she didn’t turn into your Baudi yet. Bondita’s Maa Sumitra sees the elderly person getting shagun. She says he is Bondita’s Sasur. Mother prevents him from saying anything. Smaller than normal comes to Dida and says I know Anirudh’s emotions. Dida says its intense to cause him to acknowledge love. She eats desserts. She says nobody can get his nose with the exception of me. Bondita and Sampoorna have a discussion. Sampoorna requests that her stay silent. Bondita says one needs to end contrasts. Sampoorna says you are glad to get hitched. Bondita says marriage won’t occur, none can adore me more than mum. The young lady says your old Sasur got the haldi.

Bondita figures the letter didn’t come and Sasur ji got the haldi. Mom and mami get the cash from the elderly person. He says you need to satisfy your assertion. Mom gestures. The elderly person says nobody realizes that I m not Bondita’s Sasur, advise that to Bondita and her Maa, I ought to get a decent greeting in marriage. He wears the husband to be’s top and grins. He says I m Bondita’s future spouse. Bondita comes running and crashes into a woman. Mami pulls her ear and chides her. Bondita contends. The elderly person prefers her. Mother says Bondita is blameless. Maa takes Bondita. Mami chides her a great deal.

Precap:Bondita gets the letter and concurs for marriage. Anirudh stops the marriage. He battles for Bondita. The man asks what’s their connection. Anirudh says in the event that you need to give the connection a name, at that point I will end up being her better half. He weds Bondita.


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