Barister Babu 13th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Anirudh Gets Bondita’s Letter


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The Episode begins with Binoy giving papers of a law office. He says Anirudh gets a major office in London. Bhaumik approaches didn’t he tell the purpose behind coming. Saudamini says I know it, everybody will know it. Trilochan and Binoy contend. Anirudh stresses. He requests that they quit battling, the two of them have directly on him, doesn’t he have a privilege on himself, wouldn’t he be able to choose it himself. He says I didn’t come here to deal with the properties, I would prefer not to return to London. He restores the keys and papers. They ask then for what good reason did you come. Bondita hangs tight for the letter answer. Maa requests that her appeal to Durga Maa when she misses him. Bondita says offer this to Sampoorna, I will have my mum along, Mami can likewise come. Mami insults her that she has no father.

Bondita says I get everything. She thinks what to do. Anirudh sees Somnath thrashing a hireling. He stops Somnath and asks what wrongdoing did he do tat you overlooked mankind. Somnath says he drank water from the pot which was kept for rich individuals. The man says I would have kicked the bucket of thirst. Anirudh stops Somnath. Binoy says the man will be rebuffed. Trilochan says get the spot cleaned, discard the water, we are from unrivaled rank, Brahman. Anirudh gets some information about his station. Munshi says I m additionally from Brahman station. Anirudh says we are same. Trilochan says we are from unrivaled position of Brahmans. Anirudh gets some information about their positions. He asks don’t you overlook the positions, you don’t see individuals, yet their stations, britishers utilize this to partition and run the show. Binoy requests that he apologize to the britisher. Anirudh contends with Trilochan.

Trilochan says nobody can change this standards. Anirudh says we can attempt to change, since I have come here for this change. He picks a pot and pours it on himself to drink. They all get stunned. He exhausts the pots and tumbles down. Trilochan stresses for him. Sampoorna asks did you keep my adornments. Bondita requests whom will Mama get large neckband. Mami says Sampoorna. Bondita says dacoit will plunder the adornments. Mami says I can take her along and go to goldsmiths shop. She says you and Sampoorna accompany me tomorrow. Bondita thinks to get her better half’s answer tomorrow. Its morning, Anirudh awakens and prepares. He meets Saudamini. He says you needed to know why I came here. She thinks I realize you sought me. He says I came to change thinking, its demon that we expel the awful traditions from our general public. She gets miserable.

He says I realize you will say that the way won’t be simple, I will battle each obstacle, I need you along, will you bolster me Mini. She thinks I figured you will wed me and take me abroad, however you are needing to do this. Anirudh asks Saurabh is he going to meet his fiancee. Saurabh says I can’t meet her before marriage, I m going for work. Anirudh asks how might you wed somebody whom you don’t have a clue. Saurabh says everybody wedded that way. Anirudh says a little reasoning gets a major change. Saurabh says sorry, I don’t have mental fortitude. Saudamini thinks once marriage occurs, I will cause you to overlook it. Anirudh solicits the name from the young lady. Saurabh says Sampoorna. Sampoorna shows the neckband. Bondita says I m seeing mail station, nothing, its decent. Sampoorna makes her wear neckband and says you keep it. Mami says I lost the accessory, I lost seeing their adoration.

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Anirudh says its wrong to wed somebody you don’t have the foggiest idea, I m hurt to see this. Saudamini asks were you conceived in London. He says no, I was here until I was ten years of age, at that point I went there, I m apprehensive that Sampoorna’s desire is additionally not inquired. She snickers and says young lady’s answer is simply yes. He asks will you prepare to wed anybody whom your father picked. She says truly, my father and my decision is same. Bondita says I don’t care for this overwhelming neckband. Mami says you take light weight neckband. Bondita says I need to go to post office. Sampoorna inquires as to why. Bondita requests that her oversee. Sampoorna requests that her come soon. Bondita goes to stop the mailman and requests answer. He says I conveyed the post, I don’t have the answer. Anirudh gets letters from London. Saudamini takes letters and runs. Bondita’s letter falls. Anirudh picks the letter. He understands it.

Sampoorna says I will take a brief trip and see where is Bondita. Mami goes to see. Bondita says in what manner will my marriage occur in the event that I don’t get the answer, I kept two conditions. Mami comes to hear her. She blows up. The mailman says you are keeping conditions for marriage, being a young lady. Bondita says indeed, I can leave marriage, however not my mum, drop me to the husband to be’s home, I have tricked Mami. Mami slaps Bondita. Saudamini takes the letter. He asks whose letter is it. She says the world’s absurd young lady’s letter. The letter falls in the mud. He picks it and understands it. Mami chastens Bondita. She asks how could you compose when you are instructed, I will break your legs if the collusion breaks. Anirudh peruses the letter and giggles.

Rishta tera mera… ..plays… . He peruses the states of marriage, that she needs desserts and furthermore her mum in her Sasural. Sampoorna asks Bondita to apologize. Bondita says I won’t wed on the off chance that I don’t find the solution.

Precap: Anirudh says I would have kept the condition that she parts of the bargains testing the traditions. An elderly person will wed Bondita.


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