Barister Babu 12th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Bondita Sends A Letter To Her Groom


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The Episode begins with Bondita dealing with her mum. They get miserable. Maa cries and asks what will I do when I get injured. Bondita solicits are you terrified from somebody. Maa educates her regarding the general public standards. Bondita inquires as to whether there is no standard, is this custom acceptable to turn into a widow. Maa asks don’t you love me. Bondita says I do. She gets a thought and goes. Anirudh strolls in the town. A man says I will drop you to tulsipur. Anirudh sees the individuals. He sees a few widows going. Anirudh’s family is seen. Anirudh’s darling hangs tight for him. She says don’t have the foggiest idea when will he come. Anirudh’s sibling Somnath says this time, father and Kaka won’t battle, they are twin siblings, everything is prepared. Bihari shows the courses of action done. Bondita is with his companions. She causes her companion to compose a letter to her better half. She gets some information about the traditions, who is correct, mum or customs, who can change the custom, on the off chance that you can, at that point do, let my mum accompany me, my father has died, my mum has nobody with me, mum is pixie than each custom, IU can’t come to Sasural by leaving her, I m my mum’s Bondita. She says you need the location, this letter has the location.

She requests that the kid compose the location. She runs with the letter. Anirudh sees her. She slides under the truck. She rushes to stop the mailman. Anirudh looks on. She requests that mailman take the post, its very devil, this letter is my wedding palanquin, its pixie to reach on schedule. The mailman says fine. She grins. Anirudh goes. Anirudh’s father Trilochan Roy choudhary comes. He brags of his qualities. His sibling comes and asks what happened now. Trilochan says I didn’t get hitched, however I love your kids a ton, its our birthday today, you need to obey older folks, Binoy take the aarti. Binoy takes the aarti. Trilochan says you have sent your child to another country to serve Britishers. Binoy says he is fine there, he said he won’t return. Anirudha comes and says I have returned. They get happy. Trilochan embraces him and says I knew it, you will hear me out, I m extremely cheerful. Binoy asks is there any motivation to stress.

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Trilochan requests that he get a notification, child has returned. Anirudh grins seeing the young lady. Somnath embraces him. Mami blows up on Bondita. Maa spares her. She says I will instruct you to wear the saree, recall it well. Bondita thinks about the letter’s answer. Maa requests that her be cautious. She clarifies the traditions. She asks who will change the traditions. Bondiya says my future spouse.

The young lady gazes at Anirudh and comes to meet him. He gives her a rose. They have a minute. They chuckle. She says you said you are returning, however didn’t state, for whom. He says you simply feel that work can’t finish without you, will you bolster me. He holds her hand. She gets modest and requests that he state it plainly. He says a change. Batuk comes playing there. Batuk pulls Munshi’s dhoti and giggles. Munshi says everybody is sitting tight for you in Jalsha.

Anirudh goes. The young lady grins. She says you need an adjustment in our connection, you need to make me your life accomplice from a companion, I m prepared to help you. Bondita says I will discover when will I get my answer. She contends with Mami. Mami takes her home and asks her not to go anyplace. Everybody appreciates the gathering. Bonoy converses with Bhaumik Babu about business. Bhaumik says Saudamini is my girl, however sees your haveli as her home. Binoy says you view Anirudh as your child. Bhaumik says indeed, where is he. Anirudh meets Saurabh. He jokes and embraces him. Trilochan comes and says Anirudh, your companion Saurabh has comprehended that you are a landowner, you are my beneficiary, you will deal with my business. He gives the keys to Anirudh and snickers. Anirudh looks on.

Precap: Bondita asks did you give the letter to my would my significant other. Mailman asks what did you compose. Anirudh peruses the letter and is intrigued with Bondita.


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