Barister Babu 11th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Bondita’s Journey Begins


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The Episode begins with Bondita seeing a lady of the hour going in the palanquin. She goes to take the desserts. She races to her home with the desserts. She asks Maa to approach what did she get for her. Maa says I would prefer not to eat. Bondita says have it, don’t others eat, you eat plain nourishment, why, eat it for the good of I. The woman says your mum is a widow, that is the reason she is uncovered and wearing white garments. The woman takes Bondita and talks on widow’s life. She says a widow has recently white garments throughout her life. Bondita contends with her and says your sibling is likewise a single man, he doesn’t wear white garments, let me know Mami. Maa stops Bondita. Mami lifts hand on her. Bondita contends a great deal. Mami leaves. Bondita says Kalindi didn’t get hitched due to such things. Mami says this young lady consistently tells something. She grins and gets rebuffed. Her companion comes to free her. She says you like to get rebuffed, when will you quit inquiring. Bondita says I need responds to for my inquiries.

Mother and Mami recommend a proposition for Bondita. Maa thinks. Mami insults Maa for being a widow. She addresses Maa once more. Bondita gets on the rooftop. Mami asks Maa not to defer right now simply concur. Mother says this is useful for Bondita, the family is great, they have sent the proposition, Bondita is fortunate, state indeed, we will get Bondita wedded. Bondita hears them and inquires as to why, my marriage, I won’t wed. Mami requests that her come ground floor. Bondita says no. She asks Maa not to get her wedded, she wouldn’t like to leave from her. Maa says everybody needs to go this way. Bondita asks won’t you miss me. Mami admonishes her. Bondita says I will go with my mum.

Mami blows up. Mother stops her. He takes Bondita to persuade her. He says you will get a lot of desserts in that house, they have a major family. Bondita says mum additionally had such keys. She envisions the beneficial things. He says dream was acceptable, however you won’t wed right. Bondita says I will wed, however not presently, I will wed in the wake of filling my reserve funds box, I won’t have the option to live without mum, I couldn’t care less on the off chance that I get desserts or not. Mami gets enough of it. Mom says you can take your mum along. Bondita asks are you certain. He says yes. She says I will get hitched. Maa solicits will the man of the hour take care from Bondita, I trust her better half is acceptable.

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Anirudh is seen moving in a gathering. His companion applauds him adroitness. He says you have become a Barrister, you are a gold medalist. Anirudh says truly, I didn’t get sense of self about it. He says I don’t have my heart. His companion says your adoration is in India, you have her pic, outline for me, what’s extraordinary about it. Anirudh acclaims his affection. A young lady is seen. He does the shayari. His companion says you have a tempest inside, so you aren’t influenced by anybody, did you consider something, she is there and you are here, will the romantic tale finished. Anirudh says Salim, love resembles gold, it doesn’t sparkle without consuming, romantic tale will finish, I m getting Saudamini to London. A Britisher man makes trouble with a woman. Anirudh goes to him and stops him. He says you would prefer not to figure out how men move. He shows a thing or two to that man. He makes him fall in the woman’s feet. Everybody applauds him. The britisher stops Anirudh and asks how could you disregard me in my nation. Anirudh says I realize how to regard and figure out how to regard, we Indians regard ladies.

The britisher says I know it about the slave nation, they approach us for opportunity, they keep ladies as their slaves, they don’t offer appreciation to ladies, your nation are simply tormented there, when their spouses kick the bucket, they are caused widows and they to lose their privileges, take a gander at the ladies here, they are allowed to get rights, you all wed young ladies there and grab their opportunity, your nation has no regard for ladies, don’t attempt to turn into a saint in London, go to India, purchase regard and ideal for ladies, you can’t do this, you are Indian, you are a weakling, you can’t do this, go to India and face reality. Anirudh cries.

Anirudh arrives at India. He goes to Tulsipur. He reviews the Britisher’s words. The man stops the truck and says somebody has done dark enchantment here, we can’t cross it. Anirudh inquires as to whether we cross this. The man says there will be something terrible ahead, I won’t proceed. Anirudh brushes off the diya. He takes his packs. The man says you won’t get any ride now. Anirudh says I will go myself. He kicks the diya and lemons. He strolls ahead. Aaja tujhko mitti pukaare… .plays… . Anirudh strolls ahead, alone.

Precap: Bondita prepares for her marriage. Anirudh says this man is extremely old, I won’t let this marriage occur.


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