Bahu Begum 13th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Razia Asks Noor To Marry Azaan


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The Episode begins with Azaan soliciting Shayra to turn out infront from him like she used to come at whatever point he called her. Simply then somebody calls him. Azaan calls her and asks where did you go? Razia says what befell my child. Nor advises that she couldn’t advise truth to Azaan. Azaan asks Shayra not to leave him and runs calling her. Razia says there is no one here, don’t have the foggiest idea where she went. Noor tosses a glass of water all over. Azaan asks what the heck? Noor says this is water, will be utilized for washing and to make somebody turn out from obviousness. She requests that he let her rest now. He runs behind her. Razia discloses to Mashuqa that no one but Noor can remove him from his creative mind. Azaan asks what did you do? Noor advises that she isn’t distraught to converse with his better half in night like that. She hurries to room and gives towel requesting that he wipe his head, else her home will get wet. He goes. Noor thinks when he blows up, she has a feeling that she recovered her cherished companion.

Rubina is anxious and reveals to Khalid that she believes that badi ammi will give her name’s warrant. Razia thumps on their room simply at that point. Rubina requests that he proceed to converse with her, and tell that she is resting. She rests and professes to rest. Khalid opens the entryway. Razia asks would you say you were dozing? Khalid says I was in the washroom. She inquires as to whether Rubina is truly resting or imagining. She says I came to know it all and needed to converse with Rubina vis-à-vis. She says I needed to much obliged. She says you chose to remain here with Azaan, and not with your abbu and ammi. She says you helped and upheld Azaan. She expresses gratitude toward him. Khalid says you have performed your responsibility as a mother, so when my turn came, how might I back off. She inquires as to whether Rubina is upbeat here and advises that she thought to give her blessing. Rubina gets up hearing the blessing and professes to wake up and acts desserts. Razia says I came to give your muh dikhayi tohfa and gives dark string to avert all the underhanded sights. Rubina is vexed and grins. Razia says think this as a present for the time being, and vows to do her muh dikhayi rasam very soon. She goes. Rubina says she got hitched in homeless people’s family and asks who gives dark string in muh dikhayi. Khalid requests that her proceed to rest.

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Later in the night, somebody thumps on Noor’s entryway. Noor thinks Azaan came and requests that he let her rest now. She says she will converse with him tomorrow. She takes the container to hit him and opens the entryway. She sees Razia on the entryway and says I thought Azaan came. Razia says in the event that Azaan had come, at that point will you hit him with container. Noor says she kept for her wellbeing, to undermine him.

Razia expresses gratitude toward Noor with an embrace and says thanks to her. Noor says any specialist would have treated you, however Azaan can be dealt with just by her stun treatment. Razia says you said it so effectively, yet I realize it is hard for you. She says whatever you are doing is for Azaan and this house improvement, yet what you are getting. Noor says Azaan will be fine. Razia says no one but you can support him and advises that he has lost want to live. Noor says I can’t do only anything, and necessities your assistance. Razia says we need to make Azaan face reality, he needs to leave Shayra’s agony so he can defeat the torment. She says this won’t work with your stun treatment, yet your adoration. She says time has taken us once more from where we began. She says you had consented to wed Azaan 5 years back. She requests that her get this happen now. She says just your affection can give another life to Azaan and can recuperate his injuries. Noor asks what are you saying? Razia says you have constantly cherished Azaan and even now you love him. She requests that her offer opportunity to Azaan for her adoration and for her. Noor says I can’t do this. Razia inquires as to why? She says currently even Shayra is not any more, at that point why you are feeling regretful. Noor tells that 5 years have passed thus much has changed in these 5 years. She says not by any means Azaan, even I am transformed, I love Azaan, however don’t adore him. Razia looks stunned with her befuddling words.

Precap: Razia is going to confidence. Mashuqa says she didn’t eat nourishment. Noor approaches Azaan to sing for her.


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