Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 12th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Vaidika Leaves Agarwal House


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Vaidika clears up to Bari Amma that her children will live with their mom, as Sahil is remaining with his. Nani endeavors to stop them. Aarya says the person who holds a genuine delicate corner for Vaidika can likewise leave. Nani presently comes to demand Sahil yet he holds his hand. Nani chooses she will likewise run with her girl. Vaidika conveys Ved to the lobby. Ved hurries to Sahil and requests that he go along with them. Sahil says it’s useful for everybody that Ved leaves with Mummy. Ved now asks Aarya to stop Mummy Papa, he wouldn’t like to leave Papa. He inquires as to why they are leaving, she generally guarantees Ved is her most loved sibling. Aarya’s heart liquefies for Ved yet Shirtij grips her hand. Vaidika had carried Virat and leaves with her kids. Aarya takes an immediate look with Vaidika, and leaves the corridor without anyone else’s input. Vaidika turns

to look towards Sahil, he emblematically kiss her ring and keeps his tears down. Deepak endeavors to reassure however Sahil needs to remain alone for quite a while. He cries when everybody has left.

In her old house, Vaidika was as yet befuddled why Sahil did this. Nani brings the gear sacks inside. She was terse and insults that her better half has appeared genuine worth, this is his real nature. He is exhausted of her, and ended up being an Agarwal. Vaidika swings to leave. Nani says she cautioned Vaidika they have an age distinction and they won’t almost certainly end up together. This is the person Vaidika needed to secure and Aarya wedded that Shirtij. Vaidika clears up to her mom she doesn’t know the total truth, and she won’t hear a word against her Sahil.

Sahil was in his room considering Vaidika. He gets a call from her yet she doesn’t talk, and rather place the telephone on her chest. Sahil happily hears her pulse. Vaidika sings, ‘Saathiya… Sangg rahay tera pyaar’. A while later, Sahil says I adore you. Vaidika answers I cherish you as well. Sahil says I cherish you three, I adore you four, and I adore you until the end of time.

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In the room, Shirtij peruses the papers. Bari Amma says she named the 51% property after him, as he requested. In spite of the fact that the family was against it. Shirtij swings to leave. Bari Amma argues him to embrace her for once, she has hotly anticipated to see him near herself. She esteemed him more than Sahil and her family. Shirtij doesn’t let her embrace himself and tersely asks what love. He is her child, her DNA and got all the childishness, keenness and avarice from her. He isn’t Sahil who shows at least a bit of kindness, it won’t make any difference to him regardless of whether she kicks the bucket before him. He will never talk what she needs to hear. Shirtij inquires as to whether she wished to buy his affection consequently of this property, it was his due right which he needed to get at any rate. She should go to her child Sahil, he needs her more. He pushes Bari Amma towards the entryway. Sahil had quite recently come inside and underpins Bari Amma. Bari Amma leaves the room in tears.

In the overhang, Prachi holds a hand over Shruti. Shruti stops Prachi and contends what’s the issue with her, she didn’t erase any marital profile. Yet, she questions Prachi why she made a profile for her. Whatever happened years back was likewise her significant other’s oversight. She has endured a great deal as of now, she will just choose herself what she has to do with her life. Prachi says Shruti can’t think so much, who is showing this to her. Deepak digs out from a deficit and says he is. He appreciates Shruti for being a decent devotee and answering to Prachi well. He questions if Prachi hasn’t had the capacity to control her coquettish spouse, that she constantly fault Shruti. Prachi wasn’t prepared to listen anything against Puneesh. Puneesh is his senior and child in law of this family. Deepak advices Prachi to think about her unborn youngster, not.

PRECAP: Prachi contends for her Godh Bharai. Aarya says nothing in the house will happen without her consent and cautions that Vaidika shouldn’t be welcomed here. A more unusual goes to Vaidika’s home.


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